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Website Creation

From splash pages, 3 page websites, to very complex sites, we , sites create a beautiful website for you. We utilize Squarespace or Wordpress, and all sites can include e-commerce, blogs, event calendars, integrated social media, online booking, newsletter sign up and more. To see examples of our work, check out our portfolio.

Website Assessment & Re-Design

We assess what is working and what isn't in your current website and then create a customized revision plan. This may include structural and aesthetics re-design, editing or creating new visual or written content, transfer to a new platform, integrate other business systems, and more.

Branding & Logo Design

We take you through a branding process that clarifies your style and distills your essence, and design a logo for use across platforms and materials. We design business cards, letterhead, email newsletter templates, and more.




Business Coaching

We support you in your small business, according to your needs and priorities. We create efficient systems to reduce admin tasks, e.g. online booking, workshop registration, newsletter database management, etc. We also brainstorm new programs, services or products, and help you clarify your business vision, goals and structure.

Content Creation

We offer writing services, including editing and feedback on content that you write, as well as sessions in which we spark your creative process and co-create the narrative of who you are and what you offer. We also offer consultation for collecting or creating visual content.

Online Presence, Tech & Maintenance

SEO, social media accounts (creation, strategy, management), update online listings, web hosting (for Wordpress), website maintenance (a monthly or quarterly flat rate subscription), and other business support systems.


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Splash pages or sites with 3-5 pages (commonly: Welcome, About, Services, Contact). This is ideal for small business with 1-3 offerings that do not require extensive integrated systems. We have made sites of this size for therapists, bodyworkers, education consultants, academic scholars, midwives, artists, ritual leaders, and community projects.



Websites with 3-10 pages with various drop down menus/indexes to organize in-depth descriptions of multiple services, more complex content like embedded video and audio, event listings, sliding galleries, and more. We have made websites of this size for musicians, farms, community cultural projects, bodyworkers and therapists with multiple services/modalities, organizational development consultants, community leaders, personal chefs.



Websites with e-commerce to sell products or handle workshop registration, practitioner directories, online learning portals, extensive service offerings and modalities, with in-depth multi-layered content. We have made websites of this size for herbalists with an online store, international educators, therapists with active teaching schedules, health practitioners with many offerings, collectives, educational organizations, musicians, spas and wellness clinics.



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Design & Business Services


Elsa Asher, MS, BCST, CD(DONA)

Elsa founded Asher Design in 2011. Elsa started this business because they saw that many healing arts practitioner colleagues and teachers had outdated websites that didn't accurately represent their powerful work. Elsa started making websites for other people in the somatic therapy field, and the business grew from there. Elsa is passionate about supporting sole proprietors and small organizations to run their businesses with ease and efficiency, so energy and efforts can be focused on the work being offered to the world. Elsa loves to support clients through the emotional and psychological process of making a website, as it often relates to feelings about visibility and the work that is an expression of one's life purpose and path. In 2017, Elsa brought Clint into the business and in 2018 they co-founded UnchartedArts.


Clint Bush

Clint's career started as a graphic designer and photographer in Colorado doing primarily print degn until he moved to Seattle in 2002 where he transitioned into web design and development. Since then his career has included logo and branding design, web ux/design, web development, and software development. He has worked with small business to corporations, but really enjoys working with smaller independent businesses helping them grow their brand. As a long time family friend of Elsa's, Clint began collaborating with Elsa in Asher Design in 2017, and in 2018 partnered with them to launch Uncharted Arts.


If you need a website make-over or complete redo, Elsa is your person, great to work with, creative and reasonable. I highly recommend her!
— Bonnie Davis,
Creating my webpage with Elsa has been an alchemical process — beginning with my ideas, photos and text and transforming it into a beautiful and clear web presence for my business — balancing the pragmatic details of clearly defining the services I offer and how to contact me, with a beautiful harmonious visual language that helps convey who I am and what I offer. Creating a webpage was a big project for me — Elsa is creative, intelligent, listens and communicates effectively and is emotionally supportive which contributed to a smooth efficient process... and most importantly I really love my website and am proud to present myself to the public in this way.
— Eileen Sendrey,
I highly recommend working with Elsa — a pleasure from start to finish!
— Julie Batz,
Elsa has worked with me on all of the little details so my website could feel right, and has been such a powerhouse of encouragement to get my business together and keep my focus on track for success! I highly encourage checking her out for any web design, entrepreneurial encouragement coaching and moral support in sharing your gifts.
— Mischa Skolnik,
Elsa has the creativity, communication and tech skills that I need. In addition she responds to my inquiries and pondering quickly and effectively. She has created an easily navigated site that interprets my ideas and reflects my aesthetic, all for a very reasonable fee. I am very happy with the results!
— Brenda Pulvermacher,
Elsa was the perfect person to design my website for me. She understood the work that I did and how personal I wanted my site. She sat with me, listened, experimented, and made magical things happen. Elsa loves creating beauty. She is an artist, she is patient, and she is a really good listener. This makes for a perfect combination for a web designer.
— Chantia Smith,
Working with Elsa on web design has been a dream! She’s rocked three sites of mine with ease, attunement to the sacred and an eye for gorgeousness. Elsa has high-capacity for collaboration and for translating vision into clear, comprehensive and impactful sites. She’s responsive regarding edits and created each of my sites within a very short turn-around time. I highly recommend Elsa both for those creating a site for the first time, as well as those wanting a re-design to bring their site more current, or to amplify it’s presence.
— Taya Ma,,,