about us

Elsa Asher


Elsa founded Asher Design in 2011. Elsa started this business because they saw that many healing arts practitioner colleagues and teachers had outdated websites that didn't accurately represent their powerful work. Elsa started making websites for other people in the somatic therapy field, and the business grew from there. Elsa is passionate about supporting sole proprietors and small organizations to run their businesses with ease and efficiency, so energy and efforts can be focused on the work being offered to the world. Elsa loves to support clients through the emotional and psychological process of making a website, as it often relates to feelings about visibility and the work that is an expression of one's life purpose and path. In 2017, Elsa brought Clint into the business and in 2018 they co-founded UnchartedArts.



Clint Bush


Clint's career started as a graphic designer and photographer in Colorado doing primarily print degn until he moved to Seattle in 2002 where he transitioned into web design and development. Since then his career has included logo and branding design, web ux/design, web development, and software development. He has worked with small business to corporations, but really enjoys working with smaller independent businesses helping them grow their brand. As a long time family friend of Elsa's, Clint began collaborating with Elsa in Asher Design in 2017, and in 2018 partnered with them to launch Uncharted Arts.