If you need a website make-over or complete redo, Elsa is your person, great to work with, creative and reasonable. I highly recommend her!
— Bonnie Davis, familycontinuum.com
Creating my webpage with Elsa has been an alchemical process — beginning with my ideas, photos and text and transforming it into a beautiful and clear web presence for my business — balancing the pragmatic details of clearly defining the services I offer and how to contact me, with a beautiful harmonious visual language that helps convey who I am and what I offer. Creating a webpage was a big project for me — Elsa is creative, intelligent, listens and communicates effectively and is emotionally supportive which contributed to a smooth efficient process... and most importantly I really love my website and am proud to present myself to the public in this way.
— Eileen Sendrey, eileensendrey.com
I highly recommend working with Elsa — a pleasure from start to finish!
— Julie Batz, juliebatz.com
Elsa has worked with me on all of the little details so my website could feel right, and has been such a powerhouse of encouragement to get my business together and keep my focus on track for success! I highly encourage checking her out for any web design, entrepreneurial encouragement coaching and moral support in sharing your gifts.
— Mischa Skolnik, midnightpicnic.biz
Elsa has the creativity, communication and tech skills that I need. In addition she responds to my inquiries and pondering quickly and effectively. She has created an easily navigated site that interprets my ideas and reflects my aesthetic, all for a very reasonable fee. I am very happy with the results!
— Brenda Pulvermacher, brendapulvermacher.com
Elsa was the perfect person to design my website for me. She understood the work that I did and how personal I wanted my site. She sat with me, listened, experimented, and made magical things happen. Elsa loves creating beauty. She is an artist, she is patient, and she is a really good listener. This makes for a perfect combination for a web designer.
— Chantia Smith, embodiedbeginnings.com
Working with Elsa on web design has been a dream! She’s rocked three sites of mine with ease, attunement to the sacred and an eye for gorgeousness. Elsa has high-capacity for collaboration and for translating vision into clear, comprehensive and impactful sites. She’s responsive regarding edits and created each of my sites within a very short turn-around time. I highly recommend Elsa both for those creating a site for the first time, as well as those wanting a re-design to bring their site more current, or to amplify it’s presence.
— Taya Ma, holytaya.com, kohenet.com, makamshekhina.com