plan your website


Splash pages or sites with 3-5 pages (commonly: Welcome, About, Services, Contact). This is ideal for small business with 1-3 offerings that do not require extensive integrated systems. We have made sites of this size for therapists, bodyworkers, education consultants, academic scholars, midwives, artists, ritual leaders, and community projects.


Websites with 3-10 pages with various drop down menus/indexes to organize in-depth descriptions of multiple services, more complex content like embedded video and audio, event listings, sliding galleries, and more. We have made websites of this size for musicians, farms, community cultural projects, bodyworkers and therapists with multiple services/modalities, organizational development consultants, community leaders, personal chefs.


Websites with e-commerce to sell products or handle workshop registration, practitioner directories, online learning portals, extensive service offerings and modalities, with in-depth multi-layered content. We have made websites of this size for herbalists with an online store, international educators, therapists with active teaching schedules, health practitioners with many offerings, collectives, educational organizations, musicians, spas and wellness clinics.